CyberPunk Comic: Issue #1

Part One

Face to face

The world was facing a dire situation. After who knows what war happened, there was the next one. The war quickly turned nuclear.

The pandemic that occurred during the beginning of the millennium is child’s play compared to what we are going through now. Millions of sick people are hiding without food, water, medicine, or a roof over their heads. The healthy are hunting the sick down, robbing them, and even killing them for fun or profit. It’s total anarchy.

Half of the planet was infected by the deadly plague, the other half was irradiated and falling apart.

There was no progeny that could save our species…
It had to be done by machines

After 2069 AD, nobody was counting the years anymore, only the events.

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What can I do with PDF?
You can print it for your own needs or give it as a gift to friends. But you can’t publish it as a commercial release.
If you want to, you must contact us for permission.

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