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CyberPunk Comic: Issue #2

Part Two



While on the surface everything seems normal, in the depths under the sidewalks of the metropolis, a critical and uncertain drama takes place …

*** Download PDF:

*** Note: Only the owner of CyberPunk Comic NFT will be able to download the corresponding edition of the comic in digital format (PDF). This is a free gift for owners. Grab your NFT and you will be able to download a copy of an amazing comic book hand drawn by the famous comic author Boyan.

What can I do with PDF?
You can print it for your own needs or give it as a gift to friends. But you can’t publish it as a commercial release.
If you want to, you must contact us for permission.

From the previous episode CyberPunk Comic:

Face to face

The world was facing a dire situation. After who knows what war happened, there was the next one. The war quickly turned nuclear.

The pandemic that occurred during the beginning of the millennium is child’s play compared to what we are going through now. Millions of sick people are hiding without food, water, medicine, or a roof over their heads. The healthy are hunting the sick down, robbing them, and even killing them for fun or profit. It’s total anarchy.

Half of the planet was infected by the deadly plague, the other half was irradiated and falling apart.

More about the PART 1 of the Cyberpunk Comic Book

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Phase 1: Start

• Creating an exclusive CyberPunk Comic collections in three editions.
• Community building on Discord and Twitter. Creating CyberPunk Comic website settings.

Phase 2: Minting

Issue No #1 - Supply 4001

• May 16th - Presale Announcement
• May 20th - Public Sale Announcement
• Launch of Issue No #1 - CyberPunk Comic on Opensea
• Start of marketing campaign (Twitter, Discord, Instagram)


Issue No #2 - Supply 4001

• September 5th - Presale Announcement
• September 8th - Public Sale Announcement
• Launch of Issue No #2 - CyberPunk Comic on Opensea
• Start of marketing campaign (Twitter, Discord, Instagram)


• CyberPunk Comic Issue No #2 will be available for download in PDF


Issue No #3 - Supply 7777

• October 28th - Presale Announcement
• October 30th - Public Sale Announcement
• Launch of Issue No #3 - CyberPunk Comic
• Start of marketing campaign (Twitter, Discord, Instagram)


• CyberPunk Comic Issue No #3 will be available for download in PDF


• The physically printed edition will be ready for ordering.
• Information on ordering conditions will be published on the website, Discord, Twitter and Instagram.

End of

Phase 3: Post Mint

• The first 250 customers will participate in the prize game
• 50 lucky winners will receive 1 CyberPunk Fighters NFT each
• The winners will receive a prize notification


• Special giveaway to random holders with 2 rarity CyberPunk Comic
• The most active Discord members will be awarded 20 CyberPunk Fighters


• We will create a community wallet on Discord that will serve for development
• Merch - Creating designs for CyberPunk Comic themed merchandise for sale
• 15% of Merch revenue will be donated to our discord community


10% of the sales of all three editions of CyberPunk Comic will be allocated to the community wallet on Discord


• We will print a comic edition of the CyberPunk Comic collection that we will distribute to owners of GOLD, HOLOGRAM and PRIZMA items.

• We are starting to make a new collection called CyberPunk Clan or Fighter. It is a continuation of the CyberPunk Comic collection. It will be a completely different collection in the artistic sense.

• The first 500 holders of the CyberPunk Comic collection will get access to the pre-sale list for the new collection.



What's behind the story of CyberPunk Comic?
The CyberPunk Comic is art work drawn on paper and colored by hand in a combined technique. It consists of 56 pages and is a true masterpiece of comic book author Boyan Kovacevic (see more).
CyberPunk Comic has 3 comic editions. Each comic edition will be realized in a period of three months: May, September, October.
The CyberPunk Comic includes digital and physical versions of the comic, as well as a variety of unique NFT collectibles also redeemable in the physical world.
The CyberPunk Comic NFT collection contains 194 different richly illustrated front pages that are available for purchase as NFT on the Opensea platform.
Will C.P. Comic NFT's holders receive a complimentary C.P.C. Book?
The owner of CyberPunk Comic NFT's will be able to download the corresponding edition of the Comic Book in digital format (PDF) directly on website. This feature will be available about 2-3 weeks both issue after the public sale on Opensea.
Is it possible to get a print edition of C.P. Comic Book?
Only CyberPunk Comic NFT's owners will be able to order the physically print edition. Information on the terms of ordering will be announced on the website, Discord, Twitter and Instagram and sent to all who have subscribed to the NewsLetter or Whitelist.
The realization of the printed edition is planned for October - November 2022.
Where can I buy C.P. Comic NFT's?
The CyberPunk Comic NFT's collection is available on the OpenSea market. To buy it, you need to have a crypto wallet and some amount of cryptocurrency in it. We recommend that you use MetaMask for your wallet.
More info here:
What is regular minting price?
Look at the OpenSea. Price is without GAS Fee.
Add amount of GAS Fee you're willing to pay to the network.
How can i mint C.P. Comic NFT's?
Once you have setup up your MetaMask wallet and transfered some ETH to it, you'll be ready to mint your CyberPunk Comic NFT. Add amount of Gas Fee you're willing to pay to the network, and you're ready to go.
What is gas Fee?
Gas fees are the standard costs of doing a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. We don't control them, nor do we profit from them. To mint your CyberPunk Comic NFT, you'll need some extra ETH in your wallet. It's impossible to know how much more. Fortunately, at the time of the transaction, your MetaMask wallet will recommend a Gas amount. We recommend you check out the Etherscan, Ethereum Gas Track, or similar sites to have an idea of Gas prices at the moment of your transaction.
Can I sell my C.P. Comic NFT's?
After an CyberPunk Comic NFT's is minted, it can be traded freely by its current owner and there are no costs involved except Ethereum transaction fees.
OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace and the platform of choice for most collectors who wish to buy or sell. Trading on OpenSea involves additional fees for the seller.
Can I use (Sell) C.P. Comic Book commercially?
If you want to publish any edition in physical format intended for sale, you must ask permission from us.
CyberPunk Comic Book is under Copyright law.
How much will we reserve for ourselves?
We will reserve up to 500 CyberPunk Comic NFT's for gifts, competitions, marketing and some for the team.

About CyberPunk Comic

CyberPunk Comic is an edition which held hand drawn comic book created by Boyan Kovacevic.

Boyan is recognized artist who created a lot of comic albums when he worked for well-known french and belgian publishers “Le Lombard”, “Delcourt” etc.

His work was also noticed in legendary “Heavy Metal” magazine. Boyan cooperated with Joe Kubert, famous american strip artist who worked for DC Comics (Hawkman, Tarzan, Batman).



Cartoon Artist

de Lazare

Cartoon Artist


Lead Artist


Web Developer


Software developer



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